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      Tianjin Haohong weiye Steel Trading Co.,Ltd is loacated in the largest steel material market in the north of China. As the processing service center of E Unithed Group in north China, Haohong weiye have stable material sources and several high-precission processing lines to provide our clients with timely, high-quality processing and technical services. Haohong weiye also engaged in production, processing and sale of special steel, precision metal and other related products. Haohong weiye can do wholesale, retail sale, important and export business and provide related technical consultancy service.

      Since the establishment, Haohong weiye has recieved love and identify of all parties.Holding the enterprise, management philosophy and mandates, we will make continuous management innovation and concentrate on improving its overall competitiveness, expanding market, extending scope to realize its social value in the quickest time.


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