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  Over several years developments, Tianjin Haohong weiye Steel Trading Co., Ltd has turned into an intergrated steel service center with combination of stainless steel processing, sales and technical supports.

      The turnover in  amounts to over 20,000 tons. The company has been awarded as "outstanding in China stainless steel circulation enterprises" by China Metal material Circulation Association Stainless Steel Branch for several times.

      Tianjin Haohong weye Steel Trading Co.,Ltd becomes the company in domestic stainless steel manufacturing industry. The products including the stainless steel sheet/plate, stainless steel coil, stainless steel rod/bar, stainless steel angle, stainless steel strip, stainless steel flat, carbon steel products and alloy steel materials. It also can supply the processing of surface, like No.4, BA, HL, SB, 8K, and so on.

      After many years developments, Tianjin Haohong weiye Steel Trading Co., Ltd has become one of the level-one suppliers of China Petrochemical.

      With strong supports from steel plants, Haohong weiye Steel keeps a stock more than 50,000 tons of stainless steel materials, becoming a large on-hand steel products plateform with complete range in China.

      In the years past, Haohong weiye Steel physicochamical inspection center successfully come into service. The inspection center staff is a high-level inspection team with several proffessional inspectors majored in metal material. With the help of advanced laboratory analysing equipment, they can provide analysis of physical property and chemical composition of the metal and Haohong weiye Steel quanlity inspection report for clients.

      Currently, our company sales network has its presence in Wuxi, Hangzhou,Shangdong, Tianjin and Northeast of China. Our service area covered the eastern, central, northern, south west and southern parts of China. Haohiong weiye Steel has also utilized its advanced processing techniques to export its products to north America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australian countries and districts.

      As for the control of quality, Haohong weiye Steel builds us the professional testing centers monitoring the large-scale purchase and professional production processes. Through strict quanlity control system and considerate quality dispute handling mechanism, Hoahing weiye Steel can consider more and do more for customers in terms of all aspects and details.

      Haohong weiye Steel will serve its customers industriously and aggressively. Quality and customers benifits are of utmost importance to our corperation.

      With the supports from all parties, the relationships with steel mills have been strengthened. Actively implement the expansion and upgrade of new industries and better serve customers by eastablishing heavy manufacturing platform and entering high-carbon steel manufacturing field. Realize more value and lay a solid foundation to accomplish a comprehensive equipment manufacturing service.

     Win together and seek common development, Haohong weiye Steel is willing to share the prosperity with the every partener in the future!

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